Valentine’s Day

So, our seventh Valentine’s Day as a couple has come and gone. We had a wonderful day. For breakfast, I made cinnamon coffeecake (Graham’s favorite), Graham cooked the sausages and cut the grapefruit, and we had a leisurely meal. We then went to Cambridge to visit LA Burdick, a famous chocolate shop known especially for their delicious hot chocolate and their chocolate penguins and mice. We bought a little box of bonbons and truffles. (The cutest part is the little white chocolate mouse, which we haven’t had the heart to eat yet.)

The inside of LA Burdick

The inside of LA Burdick

We then ambled over to Harvard Book Store and poked around a bit. (Yes, in my time off from reading, I go look at books. I think it’s weird too.) For dinner that night we went to Fireplace, a restaurant in Brookline. Our request to sit right by the fireplace was honored, and that was lovely. Although the left side of my face started getting a little too toasty, actually. Graham had steak and I had duck, which was incredibly rich. And for dessert they gave us two chocolate-dipped strawberries, a nice final touch.

The fireplace at Fireplace

The fireplace at Fireplace

It was a great holiday, mostly because we actually got to spend a day together, free of schoolwork and stress. If only Valentine’s Day came more often!


~ by releasethebadgers on February 16, 2009.

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