“Summer afternoon – Summer afternoon… the two most beautiful words in the English language.” –Henry James

Sitting here on an afternoon of driedup leaves, brisk wind, and an early dusk, it seems strange to post pictures of late August’s jaunts. But I’d like to share some of the things that filled my time in August and September, admittedly two very tough months for team Sazama-Kervin. Nonetheless, we made time for some fun, and saw some beautiful things.

In August, my ears were at full-on crazy: whistling, roaring, you name it. At the beach, though, the ocean’s roar helped me forget about that. Needless to say, we sought it out often. Here are a few of the pictures we took.

Going to the seashore on a summer Saturday afternoon…such a New Englandy thing to do. And an easy lifestyle to adjust to.

The beautiful harbor homes aren’t too hard on the eyes either. This particularly lovely house is on Cape Ann, in Rockport.

The post-beach refreshments aren’t bad either.

When I first moved here, I didn’t really get the whole “lobster shack” thing. The shacks are tiny, extremely casual, and often tucked in strange locations. You have to stand in line to get your food. And they smell a little weird.

But there’s just something about getting a lobster roll a few miles from the ocean. Graham and I had a lovely time sampling lobster rolls up and down Boston’s North Shore and surrounding environs this summer. The clear winner of Claire and Graham’s lobster challenge? Bob Lobster on Plum Island. Large, sweet chunks of lobster, buttered and toasted buns, and the tables even have plastic, lobster-print tablecloths.


~ by releasethebadgers on October 19, 2010.

One Response to ““Summer afternoon – Summer afternoon… the two most beautiful words in the English language.” –Henry James”

  1. “Bob Lobster” “Lobster Bob”
    You’ve got to be kidding?

    Any chance we can try one of those lobster rolls in November – those are the type I remember from my 1985 visit to Boston.

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