I miss our old apartment’s views.

We adored that apartment. Not just because of the cathedral ceilings or lake views, but because of its significance in our lives. It was the first place we lived together. It was also the place we lived when we got engaged, planned our wedding and our honeymoon, and the place we decided we had to leave to pursue graduate school and our careers.

I remember when we came back from the wedding, pulling into the apartment building’s parking garage in our little old Honda, the same car we’d driven to our first date years before. We were still in our wedding garb, and as I piled out of that tiny two-door car in my diaphanous wedding dress, our neighbors gave us some strange looks. Who drives themselves back from their wedding, and spends their wedding night in their apartment? But for us, it felt right. We just loved that place.

Even though I miss that apartment, and that time in my life, I am relishing the chance to forge new memories in new places. I’m sure some day I’ll look back on this period in my life with equal nostalgia.

And I feel so fortunate to always have one constant in my life, my partner-in-crime no matter what the circumstances or location.

(Us, yesterday, at a very windy Crane Beach in Ipswich, celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary.)

Happy anniversary, Graham! I love every day of being married to you!


~ by releasethebadgers on May 31, 2010.

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