Marathon Monday

If you are an avid “Two Badgers in Beantown” reader, you might remember that last year I did not watch the Boston Marathon, despite it being right in front of our apartment. Instead I wrote a paper, and occasionally cast longing glances at the festivities outdoors, and then wrote a blog post about how much being a graduate student stinks.

But this year….ah, this year. I convinced Graham to take a half-day and we set out our little blanket and cheered our hearts out. I decided my work could wait.

I was especially excited to get to see the elite runners up close. They are FAST. The above picture is of Ryan Hall, an American runner. This year he ran the fastest Boston Marathon of any American, ever. Also, apparently he’s been running in our neighborhood–literally up the hill we live on–for weeks. Despite my almost-daily runs, I didn’t manage to spot him.

Graham and I also got a kick out of looking for Wisconsin runners and yelling “GO Badgers!” at the top of our lungs. We got some smiles. Badger love across the country!

The whole day was so exhilerating and wonderful. The Marathon is truly a feel-good event, and even Graham caught the infectious spirit of the thing; he actually said he felt like going for a run!

In more personal running news, I’m currently training for a 10k. Unfortunately, my left knee has started to bother me a bit, so I’m taking a hiatus this week. I’ve officially reached the “crazy runner” stage, because I HATE having to not run. Let’s hope the knee feels better soon.


~ by releasethebadgers on April 27, 2010.

One Response to “Marathon Monday”

  1. For the record, it was still a full day, it just didn’t get over until 10:30, instead of the usual 6:30. Also, it was really fun – we looked and looked for my second cousin Jerry (who may or may not have been running, so it might’ve been a wild goose chase). By the time we quit watching, the world was spinning, because there weren’t people running by. Looking at stationary things was disorienting (like still feeling the waves after you get out of the wave pool).

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