Amazing earth saving invention!

Our environment has problems. CO2. Water. Deforestation. OMG, the world is ending. Or is it? If we get people using our noggins like this guy, we might be able to turn things around! Check it out:

Pieter Hoff and his company AquaPro has invented an amazing way to do agriculture. It’s straight out of the book Dune. Instead of irrigating our plants, which uses 70% of the earth’s water, this guy has figured out how to grow plants without irrigation at all. The Groasis Waterboxx is his technology. It “is an ‘intelligent water incubator’ that produces and captures water from the air through condensation and rain.” With it, some researchers in Morocco planted trees, in the Sahara desert, and 90% of them survived after 3 years. 90%! Wow. The control experiment, in which trees were planted and watered weekly, had 90% dead in the same period. That is truly amazing!

They have two versions of the Waterboxx, one that’s reusable and made of polypropylene and the other made of a biodegradable biopolymer which decomposes over time. They can be used to grow trees, without watering, in all kinds of environments (even in rock as shown below). They even suggest using them for growing new agricultural trees, including for forestry and fruits. In addition, the inventor wants to license the technology to other companies to bring to market, and all they’re asking is a small royalty for each one. Seems like a wonderful example of a business to fuel our new green economy.

There is a ton more information at their website, and I encourage you to check it out. You can also get more info from this article, which is where I found out about them. This seems to me like a win-win situation for everyone. Viva trees!


~ by gsazama on April 11, 2010.

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