Pondering The Bachelor Phenomenon

Am I the only woman in the world who knows nothing and cares nothing about The Bachelor? I’m beginning to think so. It’s a bit like American Idol, another show I don’t watch, have never watched, but which has been on forever and everyone else in America watches.

(On a side note: I have, from other people, gleaned that the two women this hunky bachelor is choosing between are named Tenley and Vienna. Yes–Tenley and Vienna (!) These are not real names! They are names of people who either 1. had ridiculous parents or 2. want to be on TV.)

Anyway, given my lack of free time and our television’s refusal to broadcast any channels clearly, I’m going to go ahead and remain ignorant of the antics of The Bachelor.

I’ve got to admit, on one level I’m not too disappointed about this.

But on another level I am, if simply because it makes me socially awkward. More than once I have been at a social occasion where all the other girls were chiming in with their vehement opinions about Who should he pick! and I remained silent, trying to cast my mind back to the last time I watched a program on TV that wasn’t 30 Rock (answer: almost always a really long time in the past).

The truth is that trashy shows possess a kind of cultural capital, especially among women (in my experience). Most people aren’t as open to bonding over, say, T.S. Eliot, as they are over reality TV.

Is this always the way it has been? Or is this a relatively recent phenomenon? I don’t remember bonding with women over guilty pleasure TV in high school or college, but perhaps I’ve just blocked it out…?


~ by releasethebadgers on March 1, 2010.

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