All is flux; nothing stays still. –Heraclitus

For New Year’s this year, my college friends organized a mini reunion. Convening in Madison, we caught up over beers at the Great Dane, brunch on State Street, and sliding around on Mendota while it was below zero.

We hadn’t seen each other since our wedding in May 2008.

Our ramblings around Madtown made me realize how much I miss my friends, the campus, and college life in general.

These days I am never woken up by friends jumping on my bed. No one pukes in the bathtub on Halloween. There are no impromptu dance parties.

Reflecting on those things makes me nostalgic. They were wonderful while they lasted. (Well, maybe not the bathtub puke.)

But for the most part I am willing to leave them in the past. I like being an “adult” (if you can call being in graduate school adulthood) and my clean and quiet apartment. I no longer identify with the college mantra of “sleep when you are dead.”

But…maybe we should bring back the impromptu dance parties.


………..Dani, Jesse, Casita, and Casey Boy, it was so nice to see you. Can’t wait until next time!


~ by releasethebadgers on February 17, 2010.

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