My Valentine

We were bad bloggers in December and January. And it has been nagging at me! This semester I am so busy and things are always so hectic–the blog always seems to fall off the to-do list. I have a backlog of pictures that would make for an epic post. But unfortunately tonight I do not have time to do that justice…instead I will have to be contented with contributing a little Valentine’s Day post.

Before we headed out to dinner we took a few “romantic” pictures.

There are so many things wrong with the picture above–I’m crouching weirdly, we have red eyes, the photo is framed poorly, and we’re blocking our kissy faces with our heart hands. But you can see what we were going for, right?

Graham wouldn’t stop fiddling with the camera. He took this picture of me when I was unprepared but I actually like it because I am smiling at him naturally and not posed! Unlike the other one he took of me unprepared that turned out to be just of my boobs, with my head entirely cut off (Freudian?)

Graham bought me these fabulous shoes for Valentine’s Day! And a daffodil plant, not pictured. I got him a few board games, which will be unsurprising if you have talked to Graham in the past few months since he is board game crazy these days!

Graham also gave me the gift of going running with me in Newton on Sunday! I have been bugging him to accompany me for awhile now, and it was so fun that I’m glad I kept after him. Goes a lot quicker with a buddy, especially my best buddy! And Graham was proud to be able to say he ran up “Heartbreak Hill.”

We went to dinner at Dali, a Spanish tapas restaurant in Cambridge. It was wonderful! Delicious food, reminiscent of our honeymoon in Spain, and basically an all around awesome experience. Despite the fact that we had to wait for two hours. TWO HOURS. My poor tootsies in those shoes were luckily able to rest after about 40 minutes when we scored a seat and a glass of wine, so the last 1 hour and 20 minutes passed by relatively quickly!

It was Valentine’s Day number eight for us, and I’d call it an unmitigated success. I love you GSaz!


~ by releasethebadgers on February 15, 2010.

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