Boston’s finest television station*, ThisTV, is famous for showing movies that were, shall we say, underappreciated  in their time. Case in point: tonight they’re showing a film called “Solarbabies.” The blurb for the show is as follows: Orphan roller skaters follow a magical sphere to freedom from facist police from the future. When we first came across the movie (we’d like to say we knew such wonderful* programming was in store, but unfortunately*, we’re not that cultured*), there was indeed a magical sphere being played with by some kids in roller skates, who, judging by their dress (cutoff jeans and lots of grey), were either orphans, dirty 80s kids, or dirty 80s orphans. Later, when flipping through channels again, we caught a glimpse of the future facist police. The blurb was definitely right on, as far as we could tell.

If I were to rewrite the blurb for the movie, it would go like this: Some dirty kids are having a mullet-on-roller-skates contest when a magical sphere appears and hovers around their crotches. Also, some guys in jumpsuits and helmets climb ladders.


And in case you don’t believe me, here‘s some evidence for you.

And for you visual learners:

Immediately before this scene, the sphere was visiting each solarbaby by floating around their crotch


~ by gsazama on February 12, 2010.

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