Fun with jargon

Most of the time when I’m doing reading for my studies I understand enough of what I’m looking at to get the point. But there are times when I come across a sentence and can only think “this is ridiculous.” I came across one of these phrases today, and wish to share it with you all:

“…proper Fermi-Dirac anticommutators of the associated second-quantized NAO field operators…” [1]

(NAO stands for Natural Atomic Orbital). So, maybe, if you’re dedicated, you see that it relates to quantum something, and atoms. If you got that, you get a star*. If you know who Fermi is, and can tell me his first name without looking it up, you get a gold star**. If you understand if further than that, please explain it to me, because I don’t. My best shot at an interpretation of that jargon: “some math effects on where the electron is.”

So, loyal 2BiB readers, this is a call for other outrageous jargon from your work/life/hobbies. Post your jargons in the comments!

*you can pick whichever star in the sky you want, and then you get to have it. It’s yours. You can keep it.

**see *, except that gold stars must be gold

[1] From: What Are NBOs (and Other “Natural”-Type Orbitals)?, by Frank Weinhold at UW (Go Badgers!). For what it’s worth, this is actually very good work, and very important for the kind of chemistry I’m doing.


~ by gsazama on January 29, 2010.

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