Indian foooooood

Graham and I went on a culinary adventure last night: we tried Indian food. Graham has been staunchly opposed to this idea, but I was able to change his mind through a strategic combination of cajoling and guilt-induction.

I had read about The Kebab Factory, a place in Inman Square, and everyone was raving about it. The only drawback, supposedly, is that the restaurant is quite small, and on weekends it is packed and you won’t be seated right away.

We took it in stride, making a plan to show up early-ish and ready to wait for awhile.

We showed up at 6:15. And boy was that place not-packed. When we got there the only occupied table had two older ladies seated at it; apart from that the place was empty. The music was on very quietly, which I generally like, but in this case made the restaurant almost disturbingly silent. I felt like I had to whisper.

Nevertheless, the dinner turned out to be very good.  Our meals came in samovar-like-containers with coals on the bottom to keep the food hot and sizzling. We also were given tastes of mushroom soup and fried shrimp while we were waiting for our entrees. An odd combination in my opinion, but both were delicious.

(Eventually other diners did join us, and by the time we left a little before 8, the tables were indeed full.)

All in all, I think our adventure was a success.


~ by releasethebadgers on December 13, 2009.

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