Puffy Goose

It’s been far too long since we displayed our cat obsession, so it’s time for a post about the Lucy Goose.

I was looking through old photos this afternoon and something really struck me. Goose has gone from fluffy (we originally thought she was long haired) to sleek and now back to being a furball again. She’s got a much longer coat than she did before.

I have no idea as to why. Maybe because she grows a longer coat for winter? Sure, she stays inside, but she sits by the window where it’s kind of cold…I don’t know.

5 weeks old

1 year old (August 2008)

Lucy Recently

And yes, in addition to having longer hair in the most recent photo, she is playing with a green bean. Graham gave it to her. For some reason she is obsessed with vegetables; she begs or steals them off of us and then bites and chews them into submission before abandoning them under the rug or beneath the sofa. Weirdo cat.


~ by releasethebadgers on November 12, 2009.

One Response to “Puffy Goose”

  1. Oh my goodness she is such a cutie!!

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