Insight into the writing process

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself: what is the writing process like? Do writers have elaborate rituals? Do they get inspired and just write all at once in a rush? While I’m no Shakespeare or Hemingway or anything, I write. I’m a “writer” of sorts. How do I go about getting words on the page?

Right now, I’m writing a paper for the Modernist Studies Conference (this paper is a disaster, and it’s due today, ugh, but that’s another story).

This is the conversation I had with Graham on Gchat yesterday about it:

me: this is how my procrastination has gone this morning

sit down to work
me: argh, my bangs are too long
10:28 AM go trim bangs for 10 minutes
sit back down
i could use more coffee
go warm up coffee
get distracted by cat
play with cat
go sit down at computer
check jezebel send you pictures of piano belts
i’m awful (=

Graham: that’s really funny
me: it’s funny/pathetic
Graham: no, claire, not pathetic
me: reading that over i feel ridiculous
10:29 AM Graham: in case you haven’t noticed, EVERYONE does it, except crazy people
me: i didn’t really used to
Graham: it’s like masturbating
me: i was focused
crazy people DEFINITELY masturbate
Graham: hahahaha
ok good point

Jezebel, by the way, is, a feminist website.
And here’s the picture (from Flight of the Conchords, in case you didn’t recognize Bret and Jemaine) with the piano belts that was referenced:
Incredible, no?

~ by releasethebadgers on October 16, 2009.

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