We shall not cease from exploration

Our neighborhood is a kind of transitional space.

Since we’re right across from Boston College and right near a T stop (the T is the train) it can be filled with hustle and bustle.

But walk a few blocks in either direction and the scenery changes dramatically, either to suburban mansions, the bustle of Boston, the rarefied atmosphere of the BC campus, or the quiet neighborhoods across from the Boston College Seminary in Brighton.

I like the changeability of the neighborhood, and try to take advantage.

Often I take my reading material for the day and head to Chandler’s Pond hang out with the ducks. It’s a pleasant ten minute walk.


The leaves are starting to turn.

Cloud and leaves

The season change is visible in other ways too: people decorating for Halloween or with mums on their doorstep…

Friendly neighborhood skulls

Fall doorstep

And the pond itself. It’s lower than usual, and there are fewer birds. I did see two grebes perching together on a log, though; they stayed motionless, side by side, for an hour and a half.

Chandler's Pond

And I found this punny typo to be hilarious and apt.

Apt error


~ by releasethebadgers on October 7, 2009.

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