It’s been awhile since Graham and I explored the Boston harbor, but I’m going to cast my mind back and share a few pictures.


On a real scorcher in August, Graham and I decided to make the long jaunt from our place to the wharfs downtown. We had recently contemplated how pathetic it was that after a year of living in the city, we have never strolled the waterfront. In fact, we sometimes forget that Boston is a coastal city.


Well, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It sounded like the ocean, smelled like the ocean, and we got to play tourists. We got so into it that we even went to the small museum at Battery Wharf, listened to the Yankee Doodle-style music, and viewed educational posters. Yes, we are dorks.


Watching the sailboats reminded us of home–home as in Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin. For me, sailboats are really evocative. Seeing the ones in Boston made me a little homesick, but also happy. Sailboats are just plain aesthetically pleasing. I once tried to learn to sail, mostly urged on by the vague concept that something so pretty must also be something fun. I was wrong on that one though…I am not a natural born sailor.View of downtown

A nice view of downtown from one of the wharfs.


This group of French tourists whizzed by us on segways. We made fun of them and their headgear. But secretly our feet were jealous. We ended up walking somewhere near 5 miles that day.


A fun afternoon, and one more thing we can check off of our requisite-things-to-do-in-Boston list.


~ by releasethebadgers on September 8, 2009.

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