A wonderful, relaxing evening

Have you ever had one of those bummers of a day, where it just seems like nothing positive is going on for you? I was having one of those days today. Research was slooooow going, I forgot my phone at home, my iPod battery died, I couldn’t fix the flat tire on my bike because I didn’t know the tube size, and everything else was just not cooperating. It was a downer.

Well, no problems anymore. I got home to a lovely and cheerful house with my beautiful, supportive wife and crazy, also-supportive kitty. I walked in the door, got a cheery “hello!” from Claire, and some purring and kisses from the cat. And just like that, my day turned on a dime.

We went to Trader Joe’s, and had more fun than your average grocery shopping trip (the free wine samples never hurt). Then we came home, and had one of my favorite meals (tacos, duh), and some drinks, and just kicked back and relaxed. So, just like that, a dreary, bummer of a day got turned into a wonderful, relaxing evening.


~ by gsazama on August 11, 2009.

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