A quiet day

Today is a quiet day. Graham is at work; the weather is cloud-ridden; my feet are covered in blisters. These conditions, taken together, preclude a lot of action on my part. It’s the kind of day that I would have spent hanging out with my sisters, just puttering around baking things, having tea, chatting.

But they’re not here.

It’s times like these I miss them the most. Sarah, Claire and Merrie July 2009

Plain and simple, there’s just no substitute for sisters.


~ by releasethebadgers on August 9, 2009.

One Response to “A quiet day”

  1. I miss you too :(

    It, however, was not a puttering day for me. I had tennis 9-11, band 11-4, and then AP english after that :S Tomorrow is the band overnight from 9am-1pm the next day, and it’s pretty easy to tell that everyone is sick of working this hard already. Oh well, only a few more full days of it.

    I wish it was a puttering day, I am in a dire need of a reboot. A day with my sisters would be perfect for that, but the lack of traveling money and time makes that impossible, which stinks.

    Love you both, and let’s do a video chat soon, okay? I haven’t used that in a long time!


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