So, usually I find the news a little depressing. But sometimes there’s an uplifting story out there. Two days ago, I was reading through the science section of the New York Times, and I was made very happy by more than one of the articles printed there. The first was this one.

So, wait. We could cut our emissions by a very significant amount, and it would, in the end, save us money? For real? That’s sweet, right? That’s what I like about being efficient. It’s totally win-win. With the energy situation, you save both money and the planet, so everyone is happy! Who doesn’t like money? Who doesn’t like the planet? It’s like instead of being at work from 9 to 6:30, you can just go in at 10 and be done at 4, as long as you rock a number of socks (unless, of course you’re a grad student, in which case you need to multiply the number of hours worked by at least two, and the number of socks rocked by four). Regardless, I’m inspired to go do what I can to be more efficient. No more incandescent light bulbs for the SazKer household (after the ones we have burn out, of course). And I’m thinking of putting a little generator in Sarge’s wheel.

“An investment of $520 billion in improvements like sealing ducts and replacing inefficient appliances could produce $1.2 trillion in savings on energy bills through 2020, the study found.”

Wow! That’s better than 2:1 return. And it saves the planet.

Greater than the total of energy consumption of Canada! It’s cold in Canada.

So, then I came across this article, which ties in to the previous one. It’s a very cute way of being efficient! White roofs. Amazing!

As far as I’m concerned, these are just two examples of science being awesome.


~ by gsazama on August 1, 2009.

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