Celebrating 24 years of Graham

So, Graham’s birthday was yesterday. He has now joined me in 24-year-old land. (We do wonderful things here, things 23 year olds are not allowed to do. Like…well, I’m not sure what.)

Celebrations were obviously in order. What did we do?

Graham and I took the entire day Saturday to do “birthday stuff.” Graham decided that he wanted to go to Ikea to look for furniture for our bedroom. (We desperately need more storage space for our clothes.) I might have made fun of him (a little)–shopping for furniture was his idea of birthday adventure? (hey, I offered to go on bike rides and picnics and such, but he chose Ikea!) But we had a terrific time, and successfully located, decided on, and purchased said bedroom furniture.

I also made a pot roast for Graham, something he hadn’t had before (horrors!) and a tiered dark chocolate cake with ganache frosting and raspberry filling. The latter was an ambitious project, but I have been wanting to make an elaborate homemade dessert for quite awhile, so I began with gusto. Three hours later, the cake finally emerged from the oven, and we stuffed ourselves. Success!

All in all, a fun day. Happy birthday, honey!

Birthday CakeStuffed!


~ by releasethebadgers on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “Celebrating 24 years of Graham”

  1. Such a gorgeous cake!

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