A few things that are making me happy…

  • finally seeing the sunshine
  • our brand new WARDROBE and DRESSER! aagh! too exciting. (will follow up with details in a later post)
  • spicy hummus
  • husband who looks adorable when he wears his goggles and lab coat
  • cat who sleeps on my pillow all night and purrs me awake
  • ganache-covered chocolate cake with raspberry filling
  • garbage disposal down which i can put copious amounts of eggshells from making aforementioned cake
  • emails addressed to “professor Kervin” (ok this one makes me happy but also makes me feel somewhat terrified/old)

for some reason i don’t feel like using capitals today. so i won’t. because this is a FREE COUNTRY and no one can make me (does anyone else remember using the retort “this is a free country” as a child?)

am i feeling feisty today or what!




~ by releasethebadgers on July 26, 2009.

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