Snakes alive

So, Graham and I have this funny little tradition, one that involves a blue plastic snake.

This tradition started when I was moving into my apartment at 130 Lathrop Street, in the August before my junior year of college–so, about four years ago. We were moving my boxes when we spied a little plastic blue snake on the top of a box that held my clothes. What was it, anyway (what purpose could a small blue plastic snake possibly serve?) and what in the world was it doing there? We had absolutely no idea where it came from. It certainly wasn’t mine.

But I held onto it, and for some reason was seized with the idea of hiding it somewhere for Graham to find. I did so, but heard nothing from Graham about finding it, and forgot about it altogether. But a few days later I found it hidden among my own belongings. We kept hiding it for each other, with varying intervals of time in between. Sometimes we thought it was lost and would forget about it for weeks or months, and then it would turn up. When I studied abroad in Mexico, I opened my suitcase and found the little blue snake.  It made me homesick and happy at the same time.

We’ve kept doing it since then, and it always makes me smile to find the snake, nestled among my earrings or sticking out of my pillowcase. It’s free, takes very little time, and is a somewhat ridiculous gesture, but it lets me know that Graham was thoughtful enough to plan a little surprise for me.

Yesterday, though, the surprise was extra-surprising. In the shower, I reached down to uncap my shaving cream. Boing–out springs a rapidly uncoiling unidentified thing. It gave me a start, and I jumped a bit; then I reached down to pick up whatever it was, and saw it was the snake. Then I laughed to myself and at myself even though I was alone in the house. When Graham found out that it worked, he was pretty proud of himself for making a successful snake-in-a-can.


~ by releasethebadgers on July 4, 2009.

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