Missin’ my better half

Well, it’s been ten days now since I left my honey behind in Wisconsin. I’m hanging here in Boston with the cat and Sarge. Things are pretty quiet around the apartment without Claire here. Except for Sarge running. He’s training for a marathon, apparently, because he runs for at least two hours a night. I wonder how much distance he’s actually covering. I should get a device to track it and find out!

Speaking of devices, I brought home some new toys for the Goose. They happen to be the exact same as some old toys she has (just different colors), but she loves them just the same. They’re brightly colored, fuzzy, sparkly balls, and cost only 39 cents at MadCat pet supplies in Madison. I would also imagine there’s some catnip in them, because Lucy can not get enough. She plays with them until she loses them under the couch, and when I take them back out she lets out a yelp like someone stepped on her tail. But no; she’s just excited!

Other than play with the pets, I’ve been working hard so that when Claire gets back I can have some free time to spend with her. I think a few dates are in order. =) In fact, we are reinstating “date night”. Having a planned weekly date is great, because it gets you thinking about it ahead of time, and you’ve got something to look forward to all week. This week, although we haven’t made any official plans, we may have to double up. We’ve got catching up to do!

Some ideas:

  • A tennis date, because I’ve been wanting to play all summer
  • Catch some live blues at Smoken’ Joes BBQ in Brighton
  • See the latest bloomage at the Arnold Arboretum (and watch some crazy dogs)
  • The perennial favorite, Chipotle and brewskis at home (yum!)
  • And, if I’m lucky, a movie (although we both have trouble sitting through the whole thing these days – we’re just too active I guess!). I was thinking Pixar’s Up. Anyone seen it yet?

I’d say the reigning champion date was our day in Amory Playground in Brookline. We went on our one year anniversary, and it was a fantastic day. Stay tuned, and I’ll post some pictures (just as soon as I get my camera back).

There will be more ideas to come, and posts about the dates we go on. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know all about it!


~ by gsazama on June 20, 2009.

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