April/May Flowers

Claire’s 24th was this year, and for her birthday celebration, we went to Home Depot and bought some green thumbs. OK, actually, Claire’s always had one, and I’ve got green in my genes (thanks Mom), and so it was an easy, and delightful choice. Claire’s been doing most of the work with the plants, and now we’ve got two window boxes, currently with daffodils and grape hyacinth



and soon to be replaced with pansies and lemon hybrids. It’s great having those on the porch for when we get home!

In addition, we’ve got some pots with beans, peas, basil and lettuce growing, and more to be planted in the coming days, including delicious peppers. So yay for fresh veggies!

Finally, my mom got Claire a Lily of the Valley plant for her birthday, and it has been a beautiful gift, and really fun to watch too. It’s now in full bloom, after starting off like this:img_2952

More to come on those babies!


~ by gsazama on May 4, 2009.

One Response to “April/May Flowers”

  1. These are gorgeous! I’m jealous…

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