Boston Marathon

So, the Boston Marathon is being run right out in front of our house, right now. It’s a great place to watch the race because the runners have just crested the last of the hills at mile 21, and it’s mostly downhill into Boston from here. The noise of the crowd cheering people on is really loud.

I have an incredible amount of schoolwork to do, and seem to be falling further and further behind, but I went out on the porch to take a few pictures and watch for a bit. Our neighbor Andy offered me a beer and I was (am) really tempted to blow off my work. Graham is at Harvard, working in the lab, so between the two of us, we are officially the lamest couple ever. We should be grilling out, enjoying beers, and cheering on Graham’s cousin (who is running in the marathon).

Grad school ruins everything.

Ok, maybe a bit of an overstatement. But right now I am bitter. Seemingly everyone else in the world is having fun while I’m reading about rape (in Shakespeare’s Lucrece).



~ by releasethebadgers on April 20, 2009.

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