Everything is taking too long…

Everything Taking Too Long

I love the Onion, and miss getting it in hard copy. In any case, I find myself thinking this exact same thing more often now that I have a commute. Classic!

On the same subject, I will be waiting around less now that I am riding my bike to and from work. It cuts my commute time in half (half! unbelievable!), and it’s great exercise. I wear a helmet, but even still, it’s a bit scary braving the mad streets of Brighton and Cambridge, but I do my best to pay close attention to all the crazy Boston drivers. I’ve only had a few close calls, one of which occurred today when a woman opened her car door into the bike lane (one of the few I actually get on my route) and nearly took me out. I hunched to one side, which seemed at the time like it would be totally ineffective, but must have been effective enough, because I’m here writing and not plastered on Eliot Street in Harvard Square. In any case, biking is totally worth it, because it saves me at least 40 minutes a day. That’s so nice! Now, if we can just get some bike lanes around here…

Finally, to wrap things up, here’s another of my favorite Onion articles. This one spent over a year on the fridge at 30 Lathrop. Hey, You Got Something to Eat? By, A Goat.


~ by gsazama on April 13, 2009.

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