So, unfortunately, I have a sad update for today. My dog from growing up, Maddie, recently passed away. She was 91 in dog years, so she had a full life. We all got a lot of joy from her presence, and she will be missed a lot. I know that my parents loved her very much and will miss her most of all. We’re here for them, and we’ll miss her too. Maddie (a.k.a. Black dog, Mad dog, Gift of the Magi, Mups, Bubbis, Bo-bis, bubbs, bubsy, bubb rubb, bubbagannoush, nog, noggers, noggis, lumpy, and pups), was always quick with a wagging tail and excited to see you when you came home, if a bit sluggish toward the end (unless she was in the water, where she was deft as a puppy). We’ll miss her very much.



~ by gsazama on April 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Maddie”

  1. RIP Maddie! I know you aren’t the biggest fan Gsaz, but Indigo is getting up in the years as well. Her middle section is totally grey and she is starting to waddle. Sad times…

    Stay well and push through the finals. Summer is almost near!

  2. Thanks for the euligy(spelling ?) Graham. She was a big part of our lives and we’ll carry on the memories forever. We have all said good things about but put in writing, it has a different affect.

    Here is to “Mup Dog”!!!!


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