Whoa. Work.

Hey All. Sorry for the lack of bloggage. You know how it is. We’re entering the part of the year now where the proverbial excrement hits the bladed atmosphere relocation device, if you know what I mean. What I mean is, we’re up to our eyeballs in stuff to do. I have a final exam this Friday (6 to 9 pm, F-in’ yuck), computational chemistry project to work on, Problem Sets, am behind on my teaching materials, and of course my ever-present research needs to keep up with. Claire is now working on a project for Art History, and the rest of her week involves reading for three classes, a trip to the museum with her art history class, a film to view for bildungsroman (great word, right?), another response paper, and her ever present paper-writing. So, as you can see, the semester goes along at this nice clip, with the ever-present stuff taking the prime time at the beginning. Then, when there’s about five weeks left, the bottom drops out. End result: a messier apartment, bored pets, not enough sleep, and less showering (do we really need it after sitting at our work all day anyway?). Not to mention less fun. Which is stupid.

But, we will persevere. And fun will too! Claire’s Birthday is this Friday, and we’re gonna have a combined “finishing-organometallics-courses/Claire’s-birthday extravaganza!” All are welcome – just ask for the details of the events.

Happy rest of the week, everyone!


~ by gsazama on March 31, 2009.

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