March Madness!

For Claire and I, March is hands down the most fun month of the year as far as sports are concerned: it’s MARCH MADNESS! It feels like the tourney is all I’ve talked about for the last week. And on top of the tournament generally being fun, with bracket pools and a constant stream of B-ball action, the Badgers pulled off a 12 seed vs. 5 seed upset of Florida State, which was awesome!

All night, CBS had been showing the OSU vs Siena game, which was also interesting (went into double overtime), but didn’t quite have the pull the Wisconsin game did for us (no surprise). They showed some clips of the Wisconsin game here and there, and then showed the game towards the end of regulation. In the last ten seconds, when the game was tied up, Jason Bohannon put up a shot, and CBS switched back to the OSU/Siena game just as the ball started descending from its arc! So we had no idea whether the shot went in or not. Talk about leaving us hanging! In the end, it hadn’t gone in, which sent the game into overtime. Luckily, CBS was not so foolish as to deny us this shot, to win the game. We were watching the game at the Queen’s Head at Harvard, with a bunch of my chemistry buddies, and when we saw that shot, the bar erupted in cheers. All in all, we had a great time!

In other news, here’s a comic I think is quite funny. It’s called dinosaur comics, and it’s a well done, witty comic, updated most days. This particular one is also season-appropriate. Enjoy!


~ by gsazama on March 21, 2009.

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