This morning’s bus ride

So this morning, on my way to work, I was riding the bus, just like every day (except the one day during the week I don’t work). Today, however, about 5 stops from my stop, a large group of children and 5 or 6 chaperones were waiting. Just as I was thinking to myself “there’s no way they’re trying to get all those kids on this bus,” they proceeded to get on the bus. This was unexpected, as the bus was already rather crowded, and I didn’t believe they could all fit. But, little kids are quite compact, and they managed to stuff the entire pack on without much trouble. Just as I expected, they were a raucous bunch, noisy and energetic, even though it was barely 8:30 a.m. (I totally envy that kind of energy!). But it wasn’t the kind of raucous I expected. Something was off, enough so that I paused my podcast and pulled out my earbuds in the middle of a great story from “The Moth” (, check it out!). Sure enough, after only a few seconds of listening, I discovered what was weird: these were not children. They were kinder. As in “sprechen ze deutsche” kinder. I soon noticed that each one was wearing a small sticker that had and address and a phone number for someone to call in case they were lost amidst the great wide cities of Boston or Cambridge. It said “Boston International German School, Inc.” I spent the rest of the bus ride listening to these little kids speak their German, sing their German songs and harass their chaperones with German harrassment. It was a nice start to the morning, and I knew today would be a good day.


~ by gsazama on March 16, 2009.

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