No Heat

Our apartment is heatless. Unfortunately, it’s on the weekend, so poor Claire’s home all day (I’m working weekends, and maybe for the first time a little happy to be at work on Sunday). She has to hunker down under some blankets to keep warm, but that’s very bad for productivity. Lucy has her own way of keeping warm – she tucks all her paws under her body and wraps her tail around the side and then puffs out all her fur. We call it the “breadbox” and it’s quite adorable.

It would be a lot more adorable if we knew the heat would be fixed soon, but the soonest will be tomorrow. What’s with service people and their complete lack of promptness? Our heat is out. Can you really not give us a better estimate of when you’ll arrive than “I hope I can make it sometime tomorrow?” If I had an attitude like that with my students, I’d be fired in no time. But I’ve experienced that kind of treatment from not just the heat guy, but other utilities as well. Especially the cable guy. Don’t even get me started on the cable guy.

Anyway, here’s to wishing that the apartment doesn’t get too much below the 55 degrees it’s at already. I’m missing my dear wife from work, and hope she’s staying warm as well as possible. It might be a good night to bake some cookies when I get home…


~ by gsazama on March 1, 2009.

One Response to “No Heat”

  1. brr! I hope it got fixed today, did he eventually come?

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