Back in the saddle

So, Graham and I are getting back into our routines, although they are already a bit more intense this semester than they were last semester (we might not have thought that possible, but we were wrong.) Graham is working in the lab six days a week, so weekends don’t really feel that “weekendy” anymore. Still, we try to make the most of our time. Here’s a  breakdown of what happened to us this weekend.

Friday: I was supposed to come home, shower and change, and drive to meet Graham in Cambridge for dinner. I got all dolled up, and was quite excited to go out with Graham, but unfortunately this excellent plan completely backfired. First, I couldn’t find the grocery list we had made up (we were going to go grocery shopping on the way home). Then, I couldn’t find Elinor, our GPS device. Then I could not for the life of me get it out of our very tight parking spot due to the giant SUV behind me and the giant snowbank in front of me. In the end, I gave up, stalked back into the apartment in a crabby mood, and promptly changed from my dress and high heels into sweats. The night wasn’t a total bust, though; when Graham got home we had some beers and some leftover chili and watched Dirty Harry. (On a side note, Dirty Harry is actually a kind of disturbing movie. The villain gave me the creeps! Graham got this movie and assured me that I would like it, but I’m not sure I can agree with that assertion.)

Saturday: Our day sounds boring, but was actually really nice. We had coffee together, put on some tunes and cleaned the house. Later we went grocery shopping–finally! We were in dire food straits. Saturday night we went downtown to Sunset Grill to meet up with some of fellow grad students, which was quite fun. They have a lot of beers on tap there and the nacho plates, as we found out, are enormo.

Sunday: Graham went into the lab and worked all day. I worked all day, too, on my reading. Not much to tell there unless you want to hear about fin de siecle Paris. I also took a bath, with candles and everything, in keeping with my New Years Resolution to make time for relaxation. The cat sat on the toilet and watched me take a bath, a strange habit she has.

All in all, it was a good weekend, and a restful one, which is exactly what we needed. Even though it’s early in the semester, I have an enormous amount of work and other responsibilities piling up. The latest thing is the application I need to submit to the Modernism/Modernity conference in Montreal. Going would be a great experience, and good for my career, but before I get too excited, I need to draft a stellar proposal…so that’s going to take some doing.

So, things aren’t too exciting around here right now, mostly just work and school and everyday stuff. (Although, Graham hasn’t even started classes yet.) In addition to taking classes and working in the lab, Graham is going to be teaching this semester. He’ll be working as a TA for Ted (the professor he works with) in an inorganic chemistry class. It should be quite the semester for both of us!


~ by releasethebadgers on January 25, 2009.

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