And now the full version

So, as Claire alluded to last post, we had an awesome trip to Vermont. First off, we owe a big thank you to Bert and Betsy for letting us use their very nice condo. It really made the trip possible and was a great place to stay.

Now, to the details. We downhill skied two of the three days we were there, and cross-country skied the other day. Day one was downhilling at Bromley, which was very nice, had a lot to ski for the beginners of the group, and featured a $10 college student discount! It was cold, though; at the top of the mountain it was probably 4 degrees before factoring in the windchill, which was substantial, so we had to take a few warm-up breaks during the day. Unfortunately (or fortunately, due to her general dislike of the cold) Claire was forced to stay in and work on her paper. But she wrote 7 pages while we were gone, so productivity was possible (perhaps even facilitated) in Vermont! Chris, Sara, Bob Aly and I had a great day of tearing up the slopes, and we were SORE by the time we got home. But then we mowed down on some homemade pizzas, and enjoyed some wine, the girls reading their books and the boys playing board games.

Day two we switched up the pace and slept in. In the afternoon we went to cross-country ski at Hildene, the estate of Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s only son to survive to adulthood. Most of us were inexperienced XCers, but no matter. We took the trails like pros. You can see in the pictures our adventures crossing the path in the more rugged parts of the trails. Two hours worth of cross-country, though, and we were ready for chili. So we went home and ate some. Delicious.

On day three we hit Magic Mountain for more downhill. It was a whole new ballgame there, because Magic’s groomer was broken and we got about 8 inches of snow the night before we went there. So, the skiing was amazing for an experienced skiier, but the beginners amongst us found it a bit of a challenge. Claire was able to make it out, which made me very happy. She gave it the old college-(grad school-?) try, and after only a few runs-in with snow banks was actually asking to go back up the mountain to do it again. She was very brave, and we had a blast together.

After Magic, we went to the condo and celebrated Sara’s birthday with a cake. Funny story. The boys and girls took separate cars home from Magic Mountain, and the boys thought it would be a great idea to stop and get a cakeĀ  for Sara’s birthday. Oh yeah, and some more beer, because we were out. Anyway, after returning to the car with our bounty, I suddenly realized that I had a strange key in my pocket. Yes, I held the key to the condo, and the girls were locked out in the cold! We called and said we were sorry, and then it didn’t matter because our girls are cool like that. Happy Birthday Sara!

Your eyes probably hurt, so I’ll stop for now and post some favorite shots from the week. Needless to say, we would definitely go back and do that again. We already miss Chris and Sara and Bob and Aly, but hopefully something like this will happen again (the sooner the better!).



~ by gsazama on January 19, 2009.

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