Retaining our sanity. Barely.

Hi all,

I’m procrastinating a bit before returning to my papers, so I thought I’d update you how we are getting along during the remaining few weeks of our first semester of grad school. As is inevitable, we are tired and burned out, but the light is just beginning to show at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, due to our academic-hermit-like existence, we have little to share with in the way of fun stuff from the last few weeks. BUT my Dad did come visit us this week, and we did a few recreational things. We went out to eat at several new places, the most notable in my opinion being a little, very authentic-feeling Irish pub and restaurant with lots of hole-in-the-wall ambiance. The food was absolutely delicious and the Guinness was delightful as well! We also went to Copley Square and poked around some famous landmarks–the Trinity Church, the Old South Church (when we went there a bell choir was practicing!) and the Public Library (which is so beautiful! I love studying in a room on the second floor that has murals depicting the quest for the Holy Grail on the walls. It is also decorated for Christmas so that is lovely). We also walked through the Public Gardens and the Common to see the Christmas tree and lights and to watch the skaters on Frog Pond. It felt very Christmassy except for the fact that it was drizzing–and has continued to do so basically all week. Back in Madison they are getting loads of beautiful white snow; we are very jealous. Here it is abysmal–35 and raining. Ugh. We also went to 9 Tastes, a Thai food restaurant in Cambridge, yesterday, and my green curry was extremely good. I recommend wholeheartedly!

Anyway, I need to get back to my work. I am 90% done with 2 of my papers but have yet to even do the research for the 3rd one, much less start writing it. Basically, I have four days left to do a ton of reading and research and to write 24 pages and to study for and take a final test. Yikes. Luckily, for my 4th paper, the professor has given us an extension to write it over break, so that’s a big help.

Just 10 more days until we’re back in the land of snow, beer, and the Badgers! Yay!


~ by releasethebadgers on December 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “Retaining our sanity. Barely.”

  1. I beg to differ. I am feeling entirely insane. But if you want to know about the isolobal analogy, I’m your man (after Roald Hoffmann, the guy who created it, I suppose).

    I can not wait for some sleep. 5 hours a night for two weeks is killing me. This weekend is going to be glorious!

  2. Grant and Claire,

    Firstly, it was good seeing you the other day, thereby enabling me to find you on the internet, which is surprisingly big.

    Secondly, I’m with Grant in that the sanity ship has sailed. Empathy in that regard is in full. One of my friends recently convinced me to delve into the world of blogs as if I needed a new way to spend my time. However, it is nice commiserating with folks in a similarly different lifestyle.

    Now only if I could slow down and hang out sometime…

  3. Well don’t be too jealous of our weather, it’s raining right now and melting out beautiful snow! And tomorrow it’s supposed to be -25 with windchill! Chilly, chilly. I miss you both, and we’ll see you in 5 days!

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