Paper-writing crisis

I just have to share a horrible experience I had tonight with you…both to make myself feel better by venting and also to serve as a warning so you can avoid the same kind of paper-writing crisis!
I woke up with a resolve to get an enormous amount done today. My dad is coming tomorrow (yay!) and I have a LOT left to write by the 15th.
So after class I downed a giant latte, went to Harvard, got settled in at the library and wrote like a maniac. It was going pretty well and I was pretty pleased with what I’d written, which is a fairly rare occurrence. After about four and a half hours, the library announced it was closing, and the lights turned off (!) so I hit the road.
After setting up shop at another library, I turned on my computer, and opened up my file–wait a minute, I thought, this is not the right version–it doesn’t have any of my work from today on it!
After puzzling a bit and then panicking a bit, I realized how this horrible thing had happened. Last night I had emailed the first four pages of the paper to myself using Gmail. When I went to the library I opened the email and clicked “Download” and then “Open,” rather than the OBVIOUSLY superior “Save.” I continued to work on the paper, but since I had opened it without saving it to Word, every time I clicked “Save” it only saved to the Internet–likely as a temporary internet file. Then when I closed my computer, the internet file was probably deleted.
Graham attempted to help me recover the file, but even after two hours of attempting every trick we could think of, the paper was nowhere to be found. I was forced to rewrite it, and it’s certainly not the same (and really not as good) as it was the first time I wrote it. Nevertheless, it could have been worse–at least I still had the first four pages.
So the moral of the story? Always make sure to check where you are saving what you are working on. If I had done this, I would have realized what a foolish thing I was doing!
Whew. Now I need to go to bed!

PS Graham has a presentation tomorrow at the MIT Endicott House. Wish him luck! He is a bit disgruntled that he has to get up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday for a school function.


~ by releasethebadgers on December 6, 2008.

One Response to “Paper-writing crisis”

  1. Update:

    The presentation went very well, and the event was rather fun. Also, Claire’s paper is looking good so far, and I’m proud of her for being a great writer!

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