So, in accord with my own personal habits, and recent data that my mom has all but stopped watching the news (source: my mom), check out this article about TV and happiness. These are some interesting ideas about TV watching. Apparently, happier people watch less TV (therefore, Claire and I must be ecstatic, right? We watch about 2 hours of TV a week). I find it interesting that happier people still watch some TV, just not as much as people who are less happy. The cause and effect hasn’t been established yet (do un happy people watch more TV because they’re unhappy? vs. does watching more TV make you unhappy?), but I think it’s interesting.

So, do you think TV makes you unhappy? Or do you like to watch more TV when you’re bummin’? Or is it both, like a downward spiral of DOOM? How much TV/what shows do you watch? Isn’t Lost the best show ever? Comments, please!


~ by gsazama on November 21, 2008.

One Response to “SadTV”

  1. Hmm well I’d say that depressed people watch more TV, but another interesting factor would be the types of shows that the unhappy people watch. I’d bet that unhappy people watch depressing shows, which make them more depressed.

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