Catching up

So, I promised to catch everyone up on what we’ve been up to.

First off, Nicole came up from New York to visit us the weekend before last. It was wonderful to see her! While she was here we went out to dinner at a dim sum place in Allston which I had read about in the newspaper. It was a little hole-in-the-wall place, but so delicious! They make everything homemade from fresh ingredients. We couldn’t stop raving about it and we will definitely be back.

On Saturday Graham, Nicole and I drove to Franklin County in Western Massachusetts to go to “Cider Fest.” Cider Fest is an event in which cidermakers around the county host tastings, dinners, bonfires, etc. We were eager to try some hard cider, so we headed to the place marked on the map. Many many windy roads later, we started questioning whether we were in the right place. We were nearing our destination (or so the map said) when we saw a house with a sign out front “no slaughterhouse in our neighborhood” (or something like that.) Things were getting weird. We saw this large, cinderblock building which, in fact, looked rather like a slaughterhouse, and Graham said, “If this is it, I’m turning around and driving the opposite direction.” Lo and behold it WAS it. We drove up–we were one of two cars there and the “tasting” consisted of a table with some cider on it and an old woman and her son. It was kind of bizarre. But we were courageous, left the safety of our vehicle, and braved this strange event. And it was actually pretty fun. We ended up buying several bottles of their homemade cider, and boy is it good! So our adventures turned out for the best, and we got to see some beautiful countryside on the way there and back. I especially loved crossing the Connecticut River; the colors were still beautiful and the river looked so peaceful.

Last week and this past weekend we didn’t do a lot “recreationally”–things are getting extremely busy at school. But on Friday I did make time to go to yoga with my friend Talia, and Graham ended up coming too! (Talia and I were both impressed that he came.) It was really relaxing and felt great. I went again yesterday, this time to a harder class, and now I am sore! But I plan on going back again, hopefully tomorrow if I recover enough by then.

Graham had a few fellowship applications due early this week and a big test on Monday, so that has been taking up most of his time. I know he’s relieved to be done with those things. I got my paper back yesteday (the one on Bakhtin I mentioned struggling with earlier on this blog) and I got an A! Yay! And some very positive comments from the professor, so that was encouraging.

Paperwriting season has begun in earnest for me; by four/five weeks from now, I need to have written four long research papers amounting to 100+ pages. I’m already feeling behind and stressed, and I’m having trouble coming up with good topics to write about (they’re supposed to be original ideas, which is where the problem comes in). So I’m going to try really hard to devote myself to figuring out the topics and researching them in the next few weeks so that I don’t end up having a hellish last two weeks of school.

Speaking of, I have a meeting with a professor in an hour and half to discuss my paper, so I need to concentrate on finding something quasi-intelligent to talk about. Hasta luego!


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  1. Congratulations on the A Claire!

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