Yes we can…and did!

So, Obama is projected to win by all the major news outlets! We are so so proud of our country for looking beyond the small-mindedness which has been pervasive throughout the race. We’re certainly not so naive as to think that Obama will be all good (and indeed, anyone entering office right now inherits such a horrible situation that fixing it will be nearly impossible, at least in the short term) but it is definitely time for a change. This quote from the New York Times almost made me shed a tear:

“As the returns became known, and Mr. Obama passed milestone after milestone, winning Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa and New Mexico — many Americans rolled into the streets to celebrate what many described, with perhaps overstated if understandable exhilaration, a new era in a country where just 143 years ago, Mr. Obama, as a black man, could have been owned as a slave.”

Sometimes we forget (especially me, in the cynical world of grad school theory) that we really can, and sometimes do, make progress toward becoming better people. Way to go, fellow citizens! And good luck to Obama…amidst endless war, insane amounts of debt, and environmental and economic crises, you are going to need it!

Graham would like to interject: I guess not everyone is as happy as we are – here’s the headline banner from A bit dour don’t you think? Come on guys! Did you hear that speech! YAY FOR OUR NEW PRESIDENT!



~ by releasethebadgers on November 5, 2008.

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