Fake studying

Sorry we haven’t posted for awhile. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Last Saturday we intended to go Keene, New Hampshire to see the world record number of jack o lanterns (they typically light around 30,000 pumpkins,) Which, admittedly, would have been awesome, but the weather was overcast and windy, with showers predicted, so we decided to forgo it. Instead we ended up devoting Saturday to “fake studying,” a fine art perfected by graduate students which involves staring at a computer screen for long periods of time, moaning and groaning about the difficulty of grad school, finally giving up and reading the New York Times for hours, and then feeling massive amounts of guilt/anxiety.

Saturday night we finally gave up on even fake studying and met my friend Talia at the Sunset Cantina near BU for a few beers. We had a nice, relaxing time.

Sunday was a beautiful day–mid 60s and sunny–and we went to Walden Pond, near Concord, which is just half an hour from our house. I read Graham a bit of Walden on the way there so he could get in the spirit. Walden was actually the perfect place to go to in order to avoid homework, since he and the other Romanticists would have approved–their philosophy of education emphasized eschewing extensive reading and studying in favor of exposing oneself to nature and focusing on one’s inner divinity in order to achieve greater wisdom.

Besides focusing on our inner divinity (ha), we mostly just explored Walden, enjoying the sunshine and crisp air. We got to see where Thoreau lived (in a tiny little one room house; a shack really) and we hiked around the pond, which is basically a small lake in my opinion. The fall colors were still gorgeous this late in the year, which was surprising to us. Fall seems to last longer here, and we’re not complaining!

Since Sunday we’ve been studying, studying, and…studying. It’s been an especially busy week for Graham, with three problem sets due. I also finished and turned in my first grad school paper–without, may I add, suffering major sleep deprivation. So hooray for small victories!

Besides studying, the only really fun thing we did was watch Ratatouille. Yes, a children’s movie. About a rat. But our brains need a rest from thinking so much! It was actually relatively entertaining and cute. Not Wall-E cute, but still pretty good.

And we did one last, very important thing: we voted! We sent in our absentee ballots and felt very patriotic and privileged.

I will post pictures soon…

We miss you.

PS I like to keep the blog positive, but just thought I should note that my grandfather is very, very sick right now. Please send him good vibes or prayers or whatever it is you prefer…


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