Papers make me crazy

I’m writing a paper right now. It’s a paper for my Literary Theory class, and it’s about a Russian linguist named Mikhail Bakhtin. And this sentence actually appears in it:

“Thus, heteroglossia is inherently dialogic; every utterance, every word, is always in dialogue with not only the reader or listener but also with the other contexts in which they have been spoken and the other  meanings which they have accrued.”

Yeah, it gives me a headache too. And I wrote it!

So, I’m having some trouble getting my thoughts onto paper intelligently…part of this has to do with the fact that I’m writing about some very complicated, often near-incomprehensible stuff. But another part is that I haven’t written an academic paper in eighteen months. And I think there’s also a third factor involved–the Lucy factor. She’s cuddling up next to me right now. And in addition to being distracting, having a cat in proximity isn’t necessarily good for my mental capacity, as the cartoon below illustrates.

I really don’t want to blow my very first graduate school paper. Luckily, I have all week to figure out how to write a paper this is both sophisticated AND intelligible. Well, wish me luck!



~ by releasethebadgers on October 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Papers make me crazy”

  1. Hi Kids –

    Sounds like you’re really in the thick of it now. Claire – your paper is very intimidating.

    These posts are nice and give me a chance to catch up during Cray meetings. Now – that’s making good use of my time.

    Things here are going fall-like as well – it’s down to 30 in the morning, but still into the 50s during the day.

    Meredith finished up band this weekend at state – they finished 4 out of 6.

    We didn’t go, as I’m exhausted, Paul and Kelly was here and Grandpa is still kind of dicey. Although in the past few days he has made some positive progress. But – it was a disappointment not to go and I think Sarah was a little upset. We need to get down to Madison sometime soon – I think Sarah is lonely without you two (and Lucy).

    It’s funny how tiny Lucy looks in your pictures.

    More later.

    Have fun.


  2. Yes! I love that graph!
    If inanity truly increases exponentially as a function of proximity to kitty, can one correctly assume that – as a result of heteroglossia – the overall incoherency of the language and presence of linguistic garble are dramatically increased as well?

    Jonny P.

    P.S. Don’t stress about Grad. school. Just bone up on those time management skills, while making sure to allocate some time and space for yourselves to unwind as well. :)

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