Just a quick update before bed

Hey Guys! It’s Graham here on Sunday night. Sarge is helping write, too, mostly by just not peeing on the keyboard again.

So much for another short weekend. They go by incredibly fast these days, especially because we sleep in until 10 or 11 trying to catch up a little. We’re back to work tomorrow morning, and now things are really heating up. Claire has the first of many papers to write starting this week, and I have my third class, Organometallics (the study of transition metal elements, like iron and chromium, and how they interact with organic molecules)starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to this class; it’s the most in line with my background, and I also find the subject pretty interesting. Here’s to hoping it’s not too hard, though!

It’s been a lovely weekend, but it’s getting quite chilly. I think it’s time to bust out the ol’ winter jackets. It always feels a bit like giving in when that happens. I wonder how the winter here will compare to winter back home…

Things I didn’t do that I wanted to this weekend:

  • Laundry
  • Give Sarge a bath
  • Go see Bucky at the Head of the Charles (which is this giant crew boat racing event on the Charles River, going from BU campus to Harvard Business School campus)
  • Study a lot (I did a little)

Things I/we (wow, we’re married for real when I/we use I/we. Cute.) did do:

  • Got a start on the NSF fellowship application (Yay!)
  • Got some new clothes at Old Navy
  • Pulled 8 lbs of Kervin girl hair out of the vacuum cleaner (wasn’t really planning on doing that…)
  • Got completely caught up on Lost. What will we do for another 4-5 months until new episodes? Maybe get some work done!

So, there you have it: a quick summary of the weekend. Now, it’s time for some rest. Goodnight (and Sarge says “huff”).


~ by gsazama on October 19, 2008.

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