End of the week

So, it’s Friday night. Hooray! Graham and I are happy to be done with this week…we both had our first round of midterms. They went pretty well but grad school is HARD. And a LOT of work. (Obvious statements of the century.)

In other news, today I made fifty bucks just by proctoring exams for a professor who had to go out of town. “Proctoring” basically consists of sitting around while students complete their exams. Awesome. Also, this afternoon marked the first time a student (mistakenly, obviously) called me “Professor.” Weird.

At BU this week the buzz is about the Chemistry professor who won a Nobel Prize for discovering what makes jellfish glow. Cool! Follow the link to read all about it:


Graham tried out something new this morning–biking to school. I’m not sure it was a completely positive experience; I guess it was cold, uphill, and a pretty long ride. But also good for you and FREE, right!? I’ve been encouraging him to give it another shot.

Sadly, this weekend probably won’t be as recreation-rich as some of our others have been…I have a paper to write and things are getting pretty intense for both of us. But we do have at least one “fun event” planned…you’ll just have to check back in later to find out what it is. Ooh, mysterious!

Hasta luego, bebes. I’ll leave you with a particularly cute picture I took last week.

As the weather gets colder, Lucy gets cuddlier...
As the weather gets colder, Lucy gets cuddlier…

~ by releasethebadgers on October 17, 2008.

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