The Peak of Autumn

This weekend was packed with adventure, so hold on to your hats, folks!

First, our good friends Bob and Alison arrived Friday evening. Friday night we intended to go to an Irish pub, but we ended up just sitting around and talking, catching up over lasagna and red wine. On Saturday we ventured outside the city to Stow, Massachusetts, which is the heart of apple orchard country. The drive there was through little towns with traditional white New England churches, windy roads with old cemeteries and old brick houses around each bend, and lots of beautiful Autumn foliage. The trees are incredibly vivid right now–the weather conditions have been just right to have a lot of beautiful colors all at once, and this weekend was supposed to be the peak of color. Anyway, we went to Carver Hill Orchard and picked some apples, picked some pumpkins, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We stopped at a “Dairy Joy” restaurant to eat some hot dogs on the way back simply because we found the name rather adorable. We stopped at an old cemetery on the way back and wandered around, looking at the tombstones–a lot of them were from Revolutionary War soldiers.

Saturday night we took the train into downtown and walked through the Public Gardens and the Common and showed Bob and Ali some of the classic Boston sights, like the Park Street Church, the Old State House, etc. We hopped back on the train and went to dinner at a place we could watch the Badger game. We don’t need to talk about that though; suffice it to say it is REALLY not the Badgers’ year. Yikes.

Bob and Ali had to catch the train on Sunday morning, and we were sad to let them go. We decided to distract ourselves by driving out to Wachusett Mountain Reserve, which is a 3000 acre conservation area where you can hike to the top of a mountain with great views of the Berkshires, Mt Monadnock in New Hampshire, and the Boston skyline waaaay in the distance. The drive on the way there was so lovely, lots of New England charm and tons of gorgeous leaves. I especially love passing old houses that have plaques explaining when they were built (usually late 1700s) by whom, and what historical things used to happen there.
At Wachusett, we hiked to the summit. The summit was slightly disappointing because it turns out you can also drive to the top, so we were surrounded by tons of people who had taken the easy way out. But on the hike down the mountain we took a more secluded trail–in fact, we were the only ones on it. It was so quiet and beautiful, and we kept happening upon cool things, like a trickling mountain stream, a felled tree with hundreds of rings, and stone fences. (Stone fences, likely built by early settlers, are everywhere here–when you drive you can see them winding through the forests. You would love it, Dad!) The views were absolutely breathtaking. On the way to the park, we passed Claire and Graham’s dream house. A beautiful white house, not TOO big, with black shutters and some wooden clapboarding, overlooking a giant valley of trees, trees, and more trees, and a lake. It is also for sale. Unfortunately it is probably way out of our price range, and it is also two hours from Boston. Bummer. Nevertheless we stopped and took pictures!

So it was really a lovely weekend, and we finally had some beautiful fall weather. Unfortunately I have seriously let my schoolwork slip, and I have a midterm tomorrow. Yikes. So I need to get studying! I will add pictures of our adventures later, so check back!


~ by releasethebadgers on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “The Peak of Autumn”

  1. Hiya

    Glad you had such a nice weekend. And some good weather to boot.

    You gotta get to Salem and see the witches.

    The stone fences are VERY cool. we saw them all over the countryside in CT.


    PS – Post those pictures.

    Good luck on your mid-term.

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