A Good Day

So, today was the first day in awhile that I can say was a Good Day. With a capital g (and d). For starters, I felt sick yesterday and thought a flu was coming on, but I woke up this morning feeling better. It was also beautiful outside, something that seems rather rare here. My presentation in class (on modernist poet Marianne Moore, a serious odd duck, but that’s another story) went pretty well. And I also just read that Madison might be getting an Amtrack (yay!), Hooters went out of business, and the State Street remodel is done. So, hopefully it will be all nice, tidy, and Amtrack-ified when we get back there, which we fully intend to do if at all possible. Also our good friends Bob and Ali are coming to Boston tomorrow and we can’t wait to see some Wisconsin folk! Here in Massachusetts we are seriously misunderstood/not understood at all since no one seems to know anything about Wisconsin.  Really the only bad thing that happened today was that an ATM charged me three dollars to withdraw twenty bucks. Yikes.

Okay, now I need to go have a beer and some ice cream to cap off my Good Day. Love you all!

PS I’m including a link below to a blog that I LOVE but which is detrimental to my mental wellbeing since it makes me very covetous of young, stylish couples who own houses. I want to own a house! But, alas, graduate school=vow of poverty. Hey, at least if you don’t have any money, you don’t have money to lose in the stock market like all the other poor saps who are having just an awful week.


PPS I found out yesterday that we live on the same street as Tom Brady and his girlfriend, supermodel Gisele. In fact I’ve walked by their (multimillion dollar) brownstone a few times in Back Bay. Just an interesting tidbit for you if you like (or despise!) the Patriots. I personally couldn’t care less about Tom Brady but Bostonians are rather rabidly in love with him, even though he’s out for the season.

PPPS Just read this post over and it’s horribly scattered and awful. Sorry! Guess I’m working on the steam-of-consciousness model rather than the choose-a-thesis-and-stick-with-it model.


~ by releasethebadgers on October 9, 2008.

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