Hey hey,

So, it’s Sunday night. Sigh. The weekend went way too fast! But we did manage to fit some fun in between study sessions.

As we planned, we spent Saturday studying and then after dinner we took the T to downtown to watch the Badger vs Ohio State Game at a sports pub. Graham’s friend Jim, who is also a UW alum studying Chemistry at Harvard, came too. Watching the game made us extremely homesick (all those beautiful shots of the stadium and the capitol!) and also extremely crabby (both because of the cost of beer–$8 a pop for Miller Lite! and also because the Badgers lost in the end despite playing well the first three quarters). Bummer. It was made much worse by the predominance of Ohio State fans at the bar, who proceeded to be obnoxious. Well, what can you do?

Today we woke up to find the weatherman had DECEIVED us. Instead of 65 degrees and sunny, it was in the lower 50s and cloudy and breezy all day. So we scrapped our Cape Cod plan and went instead to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. It was free–awesome–and we had a great time. We checked out the geodes, gems, fossils, photography, and best of all, their most famous exhibit: the glass flowers and animals. They display thousands of glass replicas of flowers and animals two brothers crafted about a hundred years ago, and they are amazing! Afterwards weheaded over to Grendel’s Den (my pick because of the Beowulf reference–Grendel is Beowulf’s mother) for some dinner and drinks. We both had cider, Graham had a French dip, and I had some pumpkin gorgonzola ravioli–it was all delicious, and the whole meal came to less than thirty bucks, which is incredible considering it was just off of Harvard Square.

Now we’re back at home and back to the grindstone. This week is a very busy one for both of us so we’re back to the books! We really miss you all!

Claire and Graham


~ by releasethebadgers on October 5, 2008.

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