Startin’ it up…

After procrastinating for awhile–we’re grad students, it’s what we do best–we’ve finally gone ahead and started a blog (even though we hate the word “blog;” it’s hideous.) We’re hoping this will provide a nice way to keep in touch with all the people we love and miss!

So, we’ve been in Boston for a little over a month now. The apartment is starting to feel more homey and we’re getting more settled into our academic routines,  which, no surprise, are extremely intense, and likely to become even more so. Boston doesn’t really feel like home to us yet; we really enjoyed going back to Wisconsin for Stephanie and Justin’s wedding recently, but it has “set us back” a little, so to speak, in getting over being homesick. I guess we’re just Badgers through and through! Luckily, though, Boston has a lot to offer, and we’ve been exploring the city when we can find the time. 

We are very lucky to live right across from Boston College, which is an incredibly beautiful campus with lots of great places to study. We’ve also found a little park near our house; it surrounds Chandler Pond, and it’s a nice place to escape to. Last week we went to Harvard’s Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, which had a lot of beautiful old trees, but had too much city noise for our taste (it is in the middle of the city, so what do you expect, I guess?) And today I wandered into Brookline, a beautiful old, brick house-filled neighborhood near the Boston University campus, and found the most lovely little green space which a sign informed me was reserved for “quiet enjoyment.” I sat down and read some Shakespeare and managed to forget that I was just a fifteen minute walk from bustling downtown. Besides those places, White Mountain Creamery, a fantastic little ice cream shop down the street from us, is probably our favorite “find” (it was named one of the “best smelling places in Boston,” and we concur) although we’re trying to limit ourselves from enjoying it too much–both for budgetary and for dietary reasons!

Graham has been busy getting started in the lab and attending departmental events, which are a big thing at Harvard; it seems like there’s always some sort of Lab Open House going on.  He is also working hard to stay on the ball in his classes, and doing a great job not procrastinating. My schedule is quite different from Graham’s; instead of labwork, my days (and nights) are dominated by reading. The good part of which is that I can do it wherever I like; the bad part of which is that “wherever I like” sometimes means at home in bed until I get distracted by Lucy or fall asleep accidentally! I’m reading absolutely massive amounts and still managing to fall behind, but from what the other graduate students are telling me, that is typical. The biggest thrill I’ve gotten out of being an English Grad Student so far is getting to see Nobel Prize winning poet, Seamus Heaney, speak last night at BU. He gave a poetry reading, and was wonderfully funny and humble, and his poems were so moving! It was such a privilege to be able to see him, and I was especially happy to see how active the literary community in Boston is–the hall was packed.

There’s so much more we could share with you, but I think that’s enough for now. This weekend we plan to go on a day trip to Cape Cod, watch the Badger game at the alumni bar downtown, and do lots and lots of homework. We’ll update again when we get the chance so you can hear all about those adventures.

Lucy and Sarge say hi!

Claire and Graham


~ by releasethebadgers on October 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Startin’ it up…”

  1. Sounds like you 4 are doing well….although I’m a bit disapointed not to hear how Sarge is adjusting to the city. Perhaps the next blogpost could be authored by him? Sorry it didn’t work out to catch up when I was down in Boston – sounds like I just missed you. Next time. Stay well, and keep in touch!


  2. Actually, Sarge isn’t allowed near the keyboard anymore, because he peed on it once. Therefore, I shall have him dictate the next blog post, and we can put a picture up for him. But, to ease your conscience, he’s doing well, and likes the new apartment quite a bit. He doesn’t like grad school too much, though, because it limits his playtime, and that’s just not right…

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